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Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Time:7:30 pm.
Avengers/RPF: Beyond the Boundaries, by Batsutousai. Loki/Tom Hiddleston, Loki/Tony Stark. Loki has a buddy fucking relationship with Tony Stark. Whenever that gets boring or Tony finds someone else, Loki searches alternate universes for other things (and people) to do. He accidentally falls into a universe where he doesn't exist, but his doppelganger does. Over the course of months of accidental visits, Loki finds out through falling in love with Tom that he's also in love with Tony. That part of the story is touching and nearly heart-breaking and why I recommend this story. The rest of it is Loki deciding, let's see what happens if they meet and the threesome that results. Its sequel is Miscommunications.

Number One Fan, by MorteLise. Loki/Tom Hiddleston. SHIELD has a new ploy for controlling Loki. Introduce him to his number one fan, his alternate reality counterpart. The Loki part is helplessly cute, although the real laugh comes from Tony's comment at the end.

Chase Forever Down, by Batsutousai. Loki/Tom Hiddleston. After two years of war on Asgard, Loki is ready to return to the alternate Earth that contains his lover. Before he goes, Thor, now King, pardons him and informs him that Jane Foster is now his immortal wife, thanks to a serum invented by Bruce Banner. Loki returns to Tom, agonizing over only have a mortal lifetime with him. Tom volunteers to return to Asgard with him and get the serum, knowing it could be a one way trip. They commit to it, only to discover that Thor gifted them with a dose of the serum for Tom, so that they can remain as long as they like. Adorable.

Occluded Front, by Batsutousai. Loki/Tom Hiddleston. Loki grows up as the barely tolerated runt son of the king of Jotunheim, earning his place by magicking the realm to compensate for the loss of the Casket of Ancient Winters. When his father dies, his brothers cast him out. Loki ends up on Earth. He lives as a homeless man for some time until he gets mistaken for Tom Hiddleston. Discovering the actor and their resemblance, Loki decides to get hired as Tom's stunt double. They become friends and maybe even more, when Loki's brothers show up. Jotunheim has gone to the dogs since Loki left and they want him back. Loki refuses and refers them to Odin. Some touching moments when Tom discovers how Loki has been making a living.

The Wishmaster, by Jenetica. Loki/Tom Hiddleston. AU. The events of Avengers have taken place, but Loki's on house arrest rather than in prison. The world that they take place on happens to have actors making a Thor movie. While on house arrest, Loki first amuses himself by granting human wishes, then eventually draws his strength and meaning from it. One wishmaker catches his attention by making an unselfish wish for someone else's need to be met. Loki is first intrigued by this person, then enthralled when it turns out that the wishmaker shares his own face and is playing himself in a movie. Over time, he falls in love, and Tom falls in love in return with Loki. Toothachingly sweet. Brought tears to my eyes.

Walkin' Through This World Alone, by Batsutousai. Loki/Tom Hiddleston. Its sequel is Give This Man His Wings. As his punishment for the Avengers incident, Loki has been exiled without his magic to an alternate Earth, with one caveat. No one can see him, hear him or feel him. They can see what he's done -- if he breaks a glass, they'll see the broken glass, but in all other ways, he doesn't exist. Loki gives into despair, up until he literally runs into another person. His double, Tom. Tom, of course, doesn't realize that this is extraordinary, but Loki does. After some misunderstanding, Tom offers Loki a place in his life because he understands how lonely Loki must feel. They grow close, until Thor shows up. He informs Loki that Asgard needs him to combat Thanos. Loki refuses to go, realizing that Thor has been sent as a ploy to distract Thanos rather than because Loki is genuinely needed, and insists instead that he stay to protect Earth. Earth mobilizes and holds off Thanos' forces until Thanos himself appears. Thanos finds Tom and tortures him to hurt Loki. Loki gets his powers back. Asgard manages to defeat Thanos' forces in their universe, drawing Thanos away and everyone is victorious. Magic restored, Loki proposes to Tom. An epic adventure. Not even slightly as silly as it sounds. One of my favorite stories in this fandom.
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Monday, September 1st, 2014

Time:7:14 am.
Avengers: Lost Boys, by thisisnotwhoyouthink. Loki is pregnant again. Loki has frequently been pregnant over the years and dreads it, because Odin steals/kills/tortures his kids. When SHIELD captures him, he's sure this is the end and begs for an abortion. Surprisingly, the Avengers do the right thing and offer Loki sanctuary and rescue those of his children who are still living. Loki and his kids. Primo cuteness. Also, angst and backstory and Odin's A+ parenting. Explains a lot about why Loki snapped; if I were this Loki, I'd be bitter and crazy, too. A comfort fic.

Pernicious Prompting, by Like_a_Hurricane. Loki/Tony, primarily, but other various pairings exist. Series of unrelated short stories. Some less stunning than others, but overall, extremely imaginative and touching. A particular favorite of mine is Cold Curses, the second story, which is steampunk and magic and Beauty and the Beast and Tony being the only one who understands Loki. But all of them are worth the time.

Welcome to the Family, by Ringshadow. Tony/Loki/Pepper. First in series. When Thor comes to Earth to visit Jane, he's towing Loki along as his prisoner. He asks Tony to babysit Loki for the weekend -- a sullen, withdrawn Loki who doesn't talk. Things change drastically over the course of a few short days, 'cause Tony is amazing adaptable and impossible to shock. The Stockholm syndrome sets in fast. And Pepper and Tony share everything. The one where Tony writes Mjolnir on a wooden mallet when they take Thor out to lobster, where Loki gets his own Avengers t-shirt, Avengers activities (such as drunken scrabble) get posted to the Internet, Tony plans on civilian owned spaceflight, SHIELD arranges counseling for Loki, Loki designs a staff based on the work of Tesla and they all face down the Chitauri. Serious, funny, thought-provoking, angst, comfort, great quotes -- this fic has it all.

Crossover: Life Likes To Be Unpredictable, by alphera. Avengers/Sherlock. Loki/Thor. Loki is the Holmes' mummy. And Tony Stark is their godfather. Also, Moriarty is Loki's pet up until he makes the mistake of threatening Sherlock. Then off with his head! Two very short stories in this series, but the author makes every word count, and it's all surprisingly plausible.
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Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Time:3:57 am.
Avengers: She Hulk Lewis: A Playlist, by pristineungift. Darcy Lewis/Bruce Banner. Evil military dudes capture Darcy and inject her with super soldier serum. Instead of a female Captain America, they get She Hulk, whose transformation is triggered by fear, admires Black Widow and is willing to share Pretty Little Glow Tony with Man Hulk. Not much substance to this story, but so cute! A definite feel good fic.

Crossover: Bad Dragon, by HobbitFeels. Sherlock/The Hobbit. Bilbo/Smaug. Bilbo/Thorin. Thorin's using Bilbo as a fuck buddy. He fucks him just before sending him to burgle Smaug, which Smaug both deduces and finds ungrateful. Bilbo and Smaug have sex and fall in love. Basically John/Sherlock as a hobbit and a dragon, but with partial bestiality sex.

Of a Dragon, and a Hobbit... and a Mountain of Dwarves, by KageKashu. Sherlock/The Hobbit. Bilbo/Smaug. When Bilbo meets Smaug, he is reminded of a dream he's had and asks him what he thinks of the name Mycroft. Smaug recognizes, Bilbo tells him about his dream and proposes a compromise for their situation. No one kills Smaug, Smaug gets to keep most of the gold and "guard" it for the dwarves. Smaug agrees, if John -- er, Bilbo -- stays. He does and Smaug courts him. Poorly. Although Smaug does know that a hobbit's treasure is comfort, he doesn't understand it. The one where The Story of the Valar is The Joy of Sex, and Smaug turns Bilbo into an egg to keep him from dying. WIP, but so unique and amusing that it's well worth reading.

The Jinchuuriki and the Demon Cat, by Mya Uzo. Harry Potter/Naruto. Harry/Naruto. Dropped into a strange violent Japanese speaking world without his consent, Harry's angry. When he encounters a genin team hunting Tora, an outlet presents himself. He changes into a cat and becomes the bane of Konoha. Naruto decides he wants Harry as a pet and sets out to do so, despite Harry's distaste for this plan. When Kiba shows interest in Naruto, Harry realizes that he wants Naruto for himself, chases Kiba off and claims Naruto for himself. When Naruto is kidnapped by the Akatsuki, it's Harry who rescues him. Konoha then thinks that he's the cat boss summons. Clever little fic.

Harry Potter: Accountable, by Dyce. Hermione/Snape. Hermione gets pregnant at the We Won The War celebration, and refuses to tell anyone who the father is, because she feels guilty that she seduced him and because she knows he doesn't want her or the baby. Which, indeed, Snape does not. She does, however, want to spend her final year at Hogwarts, despite her pregnancy. A year complicated by an unknown's attempts to kill Harry, rumors that she's giving birth to Voldemort's heir, an attack on her own life and childbirth. Draco falls in love with her, but not she with him, and realizes that Snape must be the father. Snape has, by this time, fallen in love with Hermione, and they agree to take it slow. Which falls to pieces when Hermione catches Fred and George adding a potion to the We Graduated celebration's punch and they reveal that it's an inhibition lowerer -- i.e., a date rape drug, and that they'd given it to Snape at the We Won The War celebration. Fred and George are thrown out of the family and Snape proposes. And then they lived happily ever after, the end. The one where Colin Creevey takes themed photos, one of Draco as Winter, Hermione as Autumn and as Madonna and wants to photograph Snape as Uriel, angel of death, knowing that Death is inevitable and hard, but resigned.

Harry's Golden Nuggets, by Snaggledog. After his fourth year, Harry decides to visit Gringotts. He learns that he has a lot more capital -- and lordships -- than he could ever have imagined. He gets rid of the Dursleys, buys a safari themed wizarding tent and spends the rest of the summer in his vault. He finds out that his ancestors were scam artists and pulls off a giant scam on the wizarding world, convincing them that he spent the summer in Africa and discovered gold. Inadvertently, he exposes himself naked to the wizarding world, causing a frenzy of admirers. They, along with a controlling Dumbledore, end up driving Harry from Hogwarts. Using the power of money, Harry learns the secrets of the Dark Mark and kills Voldemort by sending patronii through it. A super Harry fic without any real magic having been added.

Sherlock: Improbable Reality, by flawedamythyst. Sherlock/John. First in a series. Moriarty captured John and tortured him into a state of permanent insanity, in which John is John, but the world around him can vary wildly from normality. Sherlock rescues him, and then refuses to believe that John is incurable. He studies the brain like he'd studied crime and eventually cures John. The one where Sherlock is both Gandalf and Batman, elephants wander in from Africa, and they take a gondola from their ship to visit a doctor in a teddy bear suit in Marrakesh. I love John's dream world and how Sherlock is the most important thing to John even when all else is unreal, and how John is more important to Sherlock than The Work.
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Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Time:12:15 am.
Crossover: Best (Worst) Possible Time, by melonbutterfly. Avengers/The Sentinel. Loki/Tony. Loki falls from the Void without encountering Thanos or the Chitauri, but is still taken captive by SHIELD. Tony meets him and immediately realizes that Loki is his sentinel, thus entitling him to remove Loki from SHIELD's custody. They bond in seclusion at Tony's Malibu house. Some very lovely, quotable moments there. SHIELD tries to interfere, but is blocked. Eventually, they must come out of seclusion and must pass some tests first. The results are positive and all that remains is facing the public. Series consists of several individual stories but is overall incomplete. Fluff, but such beautiful, meaningful fluff.

Potter's Protector, by mjimeyg. Buffy/Harry Potter. Harry/Hermione, Xander/Tonks. The spirit of Joyce Summers (aka Hogwarts) brings Xander to the HP world just in time to rescue Harry and Hermione from the troll (Ron having run off rather than face the troll). She gives him the job of protecting and training Harry. The one where Xander is an omega werewolf animagus, breaks all the rules of magic and teaches Harry, Hermione and Neville to do the same. Also the story where Harry invents the Lily charm, a variation of the Fidelius, that makes one's genitals a secret to everyone but themselves and medical personnel. Then things get really strange.

Harry Potter: Core Threads, by theaceoffire. Young abused Harry discovers the secret of magic -- threads only he can see that literally are his magic. He uses them to heal a broken arm and then falls into his mindscape where he discovers and vanquishes the horcrux (aka the evil daemon baby), whilst cataloguing and hiding his memories. This mental healing also heals the Dursleys as it turns out that the horcrux was possessing both Harry and the adult Dursleys, as well as tainting the blood wards. Best explanation for Harry's childhood ever. Things progress from there; Harry gets a group of friends and adjusts their core like his and sets up mindscapes for them (the one where Padma has a mindscape of cute animals), foils the troll attack and ends up adopting one of the trolls, creates warding stones that awe the goblins, wards an island he bought so well that its power requirements nearly eat him and do eat magic up and down England. Long and entertaining. WIP, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Sherlock: Bound in Gold, by pennin_ink. John/Sherlock. Sherlock's part of the nobility and is thus expected to marry a commoner, sight unseen. His mother picks out his husband to be, and Sherlock is unable to research him, see him or communicate with him before they are actually married. John, on the other hand, is only doing this because being involved in the wedding planning is keeping his sister sober. The one where Sherlock has to wear a device of golden rings that jingles wherever he goes and John is more liked by the tailor because he knows how to stand still while Sherlock gets used as a pincushion. The story nicely builds that anticipation between the pair. The possible angst of the situation is mitigated because we know they'll be perfect together. Sweet.
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Friday, August 9th, 2013

Time:10:12 pm.
Sherlock: 34 Minutes, by bendingsignpost. John/Sherlock. Sherlock conducts a psychological study based on answering some questions followed by eye contact. The results are somewhat surprising -- and hot. One of my go-to fics. it's all about intimacy rather than sex and it's good.

A Brief Account of Life With Zombies, by SilverPard. Told partially in memos and texts, it's a tongue in cheek tale about just how well John and Sherlock would manage with zombies. Hilarious.

A Study in Winning, by Jupiter_Ash. John/Sherlock. Tennis AU, first in a series, but can be read on its own. John's a down-on-his-luck wild card seed into Wimbledon and Sherlock's the star. How does John manage the pressure and cope with seducing/being seduced by Sherlock all at the same time? Intense.

Level 65 Paladin Looking for Group, by etothepii. John's stuck in London post-military life with nothing to do but videogame. He meets a stranger who's strangely good at soloing and who drags him into a guild and group questing. Gradually the stranger (Sherlock, natch) brings John back to life, drags him out on his cases and gets him to move in with him. Solidly entertaining.

The Detective and the Demon, by oreganotea. Sherlock summons a demon to be his assistant. Unlike all of the summoners in the past two thousand years, he manages to bind his demon (John) to him. Mycroft is jealous. Cute lil fic.

Crossover: Come to Morning, by sunryder. The Lord of the Rings/Sherlock. John/Sherlock. John's a hobbit with a bit of a restless side. Sherlock's the highstrung elf he encounters and can't bear to be parted from. An unlikely romance wrapped around a murder mystery.
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Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Time:9:11 pm.
Avengers: 64 Colors, by victoria p. Darcy is assigned to catching Captain America up on current events and culture. Instead she turns it into Avengers coloring hour. Super-cute.

And I'll cross oceans like never before, by Sirona. Clint Barton/Phil Coulson. Clint gets turned into a Corgi by Loki and inadvertantly falls in love with Phil in the process. He angsts when he's human again and no longer so close to Phil, but injury brings them back together and thentheyhavesextheend. Much better written than it sounds.

Cybernetic Official Unit for Lawful Security Operations Number 01, by Jade_Dragoness. Clint/Phil. Phil was made by Howard Stark and works for Fury. Clint starts a relationship with him immediately before a mission goes badly wrong. Phil has to reveal his status as a mechanical being to the group, who aren't ready for it. He 'dies', but when he reawakens, he remembers Clint and all's well. First in the series. Touching and all too true.

Easy to Blur, by foxxcub. Clint/Phil. Phil gets tagged by an alien's heat gun. He attempts to deal with it himself, but things get to be too much when he runs into Clint and he jumps him. Things progress from there. Hot.

Just Temporary, Ma'am, by sutlers. Clint/Darcy. Darcy fake-dates Clint to get Jane off her back. Fake-dating is very much like regular dating, except without the anxiety and with more sex. In the process, Darcy organizes an ad campaign to get Tony off of Pepper's back, gets Tony to propose to Pepper and gets an offer to be Pepper's assistant if she deals with Tony. Really rather random, but oddly charming.
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Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Time:7:11 pm.
Avengers: Family Ties, by skiesovergideon. When Loki falls from the Rainbow Bridge, he ends up in Midgard, in the backyard of a normal family. Well, mostly normal. Loki wakes to find that he has no magic and stays with them, pretending to have amnesia. He discovers that all of the students at the school the family's kids go to have magic around them while they're at school and decides to learn more. He discovers that he can do magic as long as the magic acts to protect the family or the school. He's left in charge of the children over Halloween as their parents visit Reed Richards. He discovers Norse monsters lurking, and one by one, the two elder children learn who and what he is. He trains them to protect themselves. Things come to a head after the elder girl's boyfriend is revealed to be a fire giant and the power at the school is uncovered as a new Tree of Life, which takes the younger girl as its avatar. The Avengers assemble and all is in chaos and only Loki knows enough to be able to save the day. Gripping adventure, and the family grows on Loki. Like fungus.

Nine Lives, by MaverikFlame. Loki/Tony Stark. Stuck on Midgard and fleeing a foe that eats magic, Loki shapeshifts into a cat and is taken home to be Tony Stark's pet. Tony names him Loki, and Loki tolerates Tony because Tony has magic hands. The Avengers find out, but are at cross-purposes as Thor identifies the cat as Loki and Tony doesn't realize he means the god not the cat. When Loki's foe finds him, Loki breaks his cover to defend Tony, who is in the line of fire. Loki leaves, but later kidnaps Tony. They have angsty sex and Tony leaves. Loki finds out that his foe isn't who he thought he was and identifies Dr. Doom as the source of his problems. When he goes to confront Doom, he's captured. Tony gets Thor and rescues him. Tony and Loki reconcile. The cat bits at the beginning are super-cute and funny, so it's a bit jarring when the story suddenly goes to an angst fest, but otherwise a solid tale.

They Say Fortune is a Wheel, by LuvaGoodMrE. Darcy/Loki, Jane/Loki, Jane/Thor. AU, non-god. Loki is dating Darcy's boss, Jane. Darcy has a bit of a crush on him because he brings her coffee and scones and is always super-polite to her. Loki takes her to meet his family. Jane then proceeds to sleep with his brother, Thor, and not tell Loki until Loki proposes to her. Loki drops her with a particularly cold dis and Darcy finds work elsewhere. They meet again at a coffee shop and Darcy hugs Loki, who is surprised to see she still regards him as a friend, but gives her his card and tells her to call if she needs him, because he's a gentleman like that. When Darcy's apartment gets broken into, she does just that and Loki insists that she stay with him. A temporary arrangement becomes permanent and they fall in love. When Loki takes Darcy to meet his parents, Thor comes onto her, too, and Darcy disses him majorly. Loki is in love. Great story, all about the Loki love. Hot, too. Has its own AU story, Thai, Tazers and Tricks, where most of the plot is the same, but how they discover they're in love with each other plays out a little differently.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Bittersweet Symphony, by Stealth Phoenix. Willy Wonka/OFC. One of the few OFC fics in this fandom that are readable, even if it does go a bit overboard by the end. Willy's looking for a confectioner to make a surprise for the Oompa Loompas. He finds a woman whose career has been ruined by her one-time boss and makes her an offer. She accepts, but when the ex-boss finds out, he tries to sabotage her. She has her own problems, as well as a deadline that make romance difficult. All of that is interesting, but it gets a bit over the top when she and Willy have to go to the States to fight the ex-boss's lawsuit and she gets kidnapped. Still worth reading.

Chocociology, by fxkoala. WIP, but long enough that it scarely matters. Willy Wonka does not have his Golden Ticket contest. Instead, he and Charlie run into each other literally, when Charlie is being chased by bullies. A very tentative sort of friendship begins. As events unfold, their friendship deepens and, when a tornado threatens, Willy rescues the Buckets and takes them to the factory when their house is destroyed. As they realize he needs them as much as they need him, they agree to stay. Lovely and magical.

Soft, by Super Lizard. The story of how Willy Wonka discovered the Cotton Candy sheep and brought them back to his factory. Silly, yet magical and well-told, with a generous helping of Wonka Issues. A definite must-read for this fandom.
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Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Time:5:03 pm.
Big Bang Theory: Sheldon's sick, by Trbl. Sheldon/Penny. First in the series, followed by Sheldon's list, Sheldon's plan and Sheldon's girlfriend. As a thank you for taking care of him while he was sick, Sheldon comes up with an algorithm for Penny's perfect mate. Penny realizes that the man it describes is Sheldon. They decide that step one is getting Leonard to agree. Penny tricks Leonard into telling Sheldon to date Penny. Sheldon does. And is exceedingly successful at it, due to Penny's written guidelines on what she expects out of a relationship. Sweet, logical romance.

The Lucky Penny Tergiversate, by secondplacechampion. Sheldon/Penny. It's the end of the world. An asteroid is going to hit the Earth and wipe out all life. Some people will be safe in specially built bunkers -- all of the boys and their families disappear, presumably to one of the shelters. Penny's left behind without confirmation, with a note from Sheldon as a clue. She goes home to Nebraska, and gets the advice to follow her heart. From the clue, she tracks down the bunker and bluffs her way into the receiving line, where Sheldon is summoned and a marriage license is presented. Sheldon's saved her life and Penny catches a clue that he loves her. I'm a sucker for armageddon love stories.

The Paladin Protocol, by SpaceAnJL. Sheldon/Penny. Penny is dating Leonard when she comes up with an activity she thinks the guys will enjoy -- live action role playing, namely taking part in a horde versus the alliance battle. The hobbits don't do so well, but Penny kicks ass, as does Sheldon. Penny sees Sheldon in a new light and the comparison between him and Leonard isn't pretty. Penny loyally continues to date Leonard, while becoming more disgusted by his lack of respect for her friends, her activities and her intelligence until it all comes to a head at a CalTech party. Penny goes home with Sheldon instead, and Leonard is no longer considered by either of them to be a friend. Sheldon and Penny's relationship deepens. Beautiful and engaging.

Through the Looking Glass, Darkly, by SpaceAnJL. Sheldon/Penny. A card game gone wrong summons alternate kickass versions of Sheldon and Penny (from the author's fic, World of Weirdcraft). Sheldon is inspired to be more take charge by his evil sorceror alterego and Penny is challenged to stop settling for second best by her barbarian queen double. Hysterically funny, both this story and the one it references.

Crossover: Asteroidea, by etothepii. His Dark Materials/Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock/John. First in the series, followed by Highly Intelligent, Observant, and Destructive When Bored and Feels Like Drowning. At the risk of giving away the plot, Sherlock is Mycroft's demon. Nobody knows. John falls in love with Sherlock, and consequently is confused by both Sherlock and by his growing attraction to Mycroft. Well-done suspense and romance.

Magnificent, by esama. Harry Potter/Sherlock Holmes. Harry Potter/Mycroft Holmes. Through means mysterious to him, Harry becomes the British Ministry of Magic. Without knowing how, he gradually achieves a position where his influence makes all the decisions, yet he himself is overlooked by all. He doesn't put it all together until he meets the other ministries and the British government. When the British government dies, Mycroft Holmes assumes that position and he takes over Harry's life. Despite all the power of his position, Harry misses relationship, friends and family. Until Mycroft offers him that, too.

Whispers in Corners, by esama. Harry Potter/Sherlock Holmes. Harry Potter/Mycroft Holmes. Harry is stuck in an alternate dimension with only the Deathly Hallows and his wits to make his way. He becomes a medium, talking to ghosts for people for money. His fortunes rise when a mysterious smarmy government agent contracts his services. Eventually, the smarmy bastard's identity is revealed and they get together. The summary doesn't even touch on how subtly wonderful this story is, how beautifully the characters are built and how original the tale. Amazing work.

Sherlock Holmes: The Art of Seduction, by flawedamethyst. Sherlock/John. Instead of deduction, Sherlock pursues seduction. There's scarcely a gay man in London who he hasn't had -- except for his roommate, John. John wants Sherlock, but not for one night, which is all that Sherlock offers anyone. Then Sherlock gets obsessed with Moriarty, someone who seems his equal in seduction matters -- and who turns out to instead be a murderer. Moriarty's stopped, but not before John's abducted and tortured. In the aftermath, John gives in to Sherlock, only to find it is just one night. John pines until Sherlock reaches the conclusion that sex with John is better than countless one night stands. Sherlock decides to pursue the art of deduction instead. Hot.

The World on his Wrist, by bendingsignpost. John is shot in Afghanistan and wakes up in Essex. The end of one life and the beginning of four others: every time he sleeps, he alternates randomly between four branching realities, one where he never went to war, two where he got shot in that war, and one where he did not get shot. In one reality, the events of canon play out and he meets Sherlock and events progress. In another, Sherlock dies because John wasn't there to save him. John's focus becomes saving Sherlock. Series ends just as it's getting interesting, with that Sherlock having discovered John.
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Monday, October 10th, 2011

Time:7:36 pm.
Inuyasha: Pack, by Raven-Pen. Sesshomaru/Kagome. WIP, but it hardly matters as it leaves off when they're already together (which is good, as it appears the author never finishes stories). Kagome has frequent nightmares of Inuyasha denouncing her and leaving. They only stop when she discovers Rin is being abandoned by Jaken and thus needs someone to take care of her. Thus Sesshomaru has a reason to think of her kindly and, when Kagome incurs an injury that will not heal, he takes her back to his place to cure her. They grow closer and Kagome becomes part of his pack. She discovers in the best possible way that Sesshomaru, while stoic, takes his responsibilities seriously in terms of keeping his pack physically, mentally and emotionally well. She grows to prefer him to Inuyasha and when her dream becomes real, Miroku, Sango and Shippou join Sesshomaru's pack. Eventually, he proposes and so on, but the pack concept and Sesshomaru as its alpha is what this story is all about. And it does it so well. A wonderful take on relationship dynamics in the inu world.

Unspoiled, by forthright. Sesshomaru/Kagome. The well malfunctions and strands Kagome further back in the past where she meets a young, juvenile Sesshomaru. She finds him a familiar face to cling to and he becomes attached as well. He takes her home with him, where neither his parents nor his tutor approve, but they do get along -- up until Kagome displays her miko powers while saving Sesshomaru's life. Using a rite he doesn't understand, he bonds her to make sure that he can keep her. His parents intend to get rid of her anyway and his tutor saves her life by sending her back through the well. All of this part is cute and endearing beyond belief. I especially love the characters of Sesshomaru and the tutor as well as the descriptions of their daily lives. In some ways, it's a shame Kagome ever had to leave (although her growing old and dying there before Sesshomaru ever reached adulthood would have been a tragedy). Then things get melodramatic. The mystery of Kagome's disappearance must be straightened out, plus there's the whole Kagome is Sesshomaru';s bride thing. So of course instead of working it out, Kagome gets stranded again -- this time in the future. Sesshomaru must now wait a further 500 years for Kagome. And he does and they meet and happily ever after eventually, even though it's a little creepy now as Kagome is like a week older and Sesshomaru is like 1000 years older. Still a good read though, especially the first part.
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Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Time:2:06 am.
Crossover: Of Dog and Chimp. Harry Potter/George W. Bush. After going through the Veil, Sirius wakes up as a dog, lying on the floor of the Oval Office. The President doesn't deal well, or rather, deals all too well. Quite funny.

Harry Potter: How We Survive: The Runaway, by twighlightshadow. After the Potter's death, Peter openly survives Sirius' attack on him. Sirius goes to jail and Dumbledore tells Peter the prophecy. Six years later, the wards on Privet Drive collapse and Petunia tells Harry to run. The runaway Potter ends up living in the abandoned Riddle Manor. Quirrell makes a stop there and talks to Voldemort about his plans. Curious, Harry follows them. The Weasley twins find him and help him with a prank -- Harry ends up spending the rest of the year, disguised as his own ghost. I love that bit -- very imaginative and it allows Harry to really get to know people at Hogwarts without having to worry about politics. But, alas, it doesn't last. He gets caught stopping Quirrell from stealing the stone, and after that, the end. There is a sequel, but as it's missing the uniqueness, I don't like it as much.

Summer of Independence, by redfrog. After Sirius' death, Harry finds a letter from him in the Room of Requirement. It opens his eyes to many things and Harry decides to change his life, including breaking the blocks put on his magic, retaking his OWLs, including the 12 Hogwarts didn't offer and spending his summer at the Quidditch camp he found out he owns. Also, Hermione is Sirius' daughter, Dumbledore is scum, Fawkes becomes Harry's familiar and Molly and the youngest two Weasleys are cast out of their family. Pretty much a template for these kind of stories; there's several out there very like it. Sequel is Year of Changes.

Switch, by corvidae9. WIP. For a change of pace, at the beginning of Harry's first year, Fred and George confound the Sorting Hat. Now nobody's where they're supposed to be. It's hilarious and positively brilliant. Harry and Draco in Hufflepuff! Hermione, now in Slytherin, with Neville! Who says she's his cousin and that her family's insane and went Muggle! A Gryffindor Hannah Abbott growling at her Housemates, Crabbe and Goyle! Just brilliant. Too bad it's both unfinished and starts to lag after the first year.

White Knight, Grey Queen, by Jeconais. Harry/Pansy. The Parkinsons wind up on Voldemort's bad side. Pansy convinces her parents to switch to a different side -- Harry's. They go to him to ask for his help and end up rescuing him from the Dursleys. They train him, he falls in love with Pansy and a greyer Harry does the defeat Voldemort schtick. One of the better Slytherin girl/Harry fics out there.
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Friday, March 11th, 2011

Time:2:53 am.
Lord of the Rings: Serpent in Paradise I: The Fellowship of the Serpent, by AEMI. A Flemish librarian is transported to Middle Earth. She finds her way to Bree and into the ring quest. However, she's quite unlike other Mary Sues. By the power of words alone, she manages to completely mess everything about, earning her the wrath of the Valar who believe her to be a servant of Morgoth. Ends at an unsatisfying place and, while there's a sequel, the series as a whole isn't done. Mostly impressive for how one person can mess everything up just by being unreasonable. (Or reasonable, depending on which you find her.)

The Invisible Elf, by Muddie21. The time of the Elves is over. A girl finds her way to Rivendell, where she begins to have visions of the past. She also begins to feel enormous pain, as well a longing for more of what Rivendell has to offer. She learns the Elvish language. Once she's gone through all of the knowledge in Rivendell, she moves onto Lothlorien. There, she buries Arwen before returning to Rivendell. Feeling herself more elf than man by now, she builds a ship and sails west. She is allowed entrance to Valinor and lives but 10 years more before dying. Sad and hopeful all at once.
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Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Time:11:30 am.
Crossover: Finding Home, by twin03. Lord of the Rings/Star Trek: Voyager. Legolas/Seven of Nine. Q deposits Seven of Nine in Rohan, so she can meet Eowyn, as he thinks they're two of a kind. Except they're not, and Seven goes with Aragorn when he rides off on the Paths of the Dead. We discover that Q accidentally made Seven immortal when he changed her body to no longer require the Borg rejuvenation chamber. Then Legolas falls in love with her. All is well. Marriage, children, yadda yadda. I think I like this story best because of Seven's straightforward attitude toward everything. It's a crossover that really works, and I like that aspect of it a great deal.

Return of the Key, by curiouslywombat. Buffy/Lord of the Rings. Dawn/Rumil. During the battle beneath Sunnydale against the Turok-Han, Dawn uses her blood to close the portal, and ends up going through it in the process. She ends up, nearly dead, in another world, on the field of battle. She's nursed back to health in Gondor at the end of the ring quest by what she thinks of as angels, but who turn out to be elves. Gradually, she and Rumil fall in love. First in a long, satisfying series, where both the plot and the characters work well together and where the sequels are nearly as good as the original. A delight.

Lord of the Rings: By Divine Intervention: Revenge of the Mary Sue, by Technoelfie. Legolas/OFC. When a portal appears, Anna goes through it, curlers and all. On the other side, she finds herself in the middle of the battle for Helm's Deep and, while her hair is now perfect, Legolas hates her. As she's aware she's a Mary Sue, this is a bit bewildering. Things get more confusing from there, as a demon pops up with a contract -- her soul in return for becoming an elf -- and Legolas alternates between hating her, being compassionate and seemingly going insane. It turns out that all of the Mary Sues get their turns with Legolas, who's being driven mad by it, and Anna has to decide what to do and whether she can get him free. Some of the plot is difficult to follow, but I was entertained by the rather different take on Legolas vs. Fangirls.

Falling In Love Is Hard On The Knees, by Andariel666. Legolas/OFC. Emo!Mary Sue makes a wish on a falling star and wakes up in Middle Earth. Her life is oh so horrible and she hates most of her family and has special gifts, of course. The strange thing is that her siblings seem to be arriving in Middle Earth as well. As she knows what's going to happen, she and her siblings are asked to join the Fellowship. Along their journey, she resolves the conflicts with those siblings she dislikes and discovers that she is the reincarnation of Legolas' soul mate and was brought here to bear Sauron's demon child and is already pregnant. At Helm's Deep, she gives her life for the sibling she does like and dies. Waking up, she has a completely new identity and discovers that she's been reincarnated yet again -- along with Legolas, who is now Orlando Bloom. Okay, so yeah, the plot is so full of cliches, it can stand up by itself. But it's engaging nonetheless and I rather like the redemptive theme the author's got going here.

Lothiriel, by JunoMagic. Eomer/Lothiriel. A law student is sick of her life so far and decides to go a-wandering. She meets up with Gandalf who is struck by her unusual name and, soon thereafter, transported to Middle Earth. From there, she winds up in Bree and ends up joining Aragorn just before he meets up with the hobbits, and later joins the Fellowship as well. Some things differ from canon, but on the whole, this is a very canon respecting story, with places and characters mentioned that I doubt most authors even think about. And Lothiriel from our world ends up being adopted by the Prince of Dol Amroth and his wife, as well as falling in love with and marrying Eomer. Also the story where the inexperienced rider is gifted with a Mearas so she can ride across the country and deliver a vital message before it's too late. I like it for the realism, although I got bored toward the middle when the romance takes over.
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Monday, March 7th, 2011

Time:8:25 pm.
Lord of the Rings: A Grand Adventure in Foreign Policy, by jesusiscanadien. Elladan/Elrohir/OFC, Glorfindel/OFC. Mary Sue hits her head and ends up in Middle Earth. She has special powers, natch, and believes she's hallucinating. So why not sleep with the hot elf twins when they offer? Lovely little moment there. Eventually convinced that this isn't a dream, she abandons the twins and falls in love with Glorfindel ensue. Long bouts of romance follow, interspersed with tidbits of plot. In the end, she returns to Earth and Glorfindel follows as a human. Interesting up until the romance bit starts. Sticks in my mind most 'cause of the hot elf twin seduction scene in the baths. And the hilarious bit where the heroine convinces the dwarves to behave.

I Blame Iendel Ancawen Entirely, by crazyroninchic. Worst thing about this story is that it ends and there's no sequel. I'd like to see more of the main character. A Mary Sue and an ordinary girl are dropped into Middle Earth. Warning: This is a Mary Sue with capital letters. The ordinary girl decides that the Sue must go. This is the main plot of the story, as the two venture into Rivendell, get dropped into the middle of the Fellowship and journey with them. Plots abound on how to distract, annoy and kill the Sue, but unfortunately, Mary Sues cannot be permanently killed. In fact, killing them sometimes results in power ups. However, finally, it's done, and both girls return to Earth. The end. ::sulks:: The ordinary girl is a hoot and the machinations around the Mary Sue are great. Well worth reading if you're in the mood for humor and banter.

Not Fade Away, by Jael the Scribe. Galion/OFC. Set in the current day. What if some of the elves came back from Valinor? Recently divorced and fired, a woman nearly gives up on life. However, instead of doing so, she soldiers on and starts looking for another job. She mostly applies for the kind of soul destroying work she's been doing, but on a whim, applies for the job of her dreams. She gets it and ends up in an office filled with gorgeous long haired people who are, like the job, too good to be true. Hijinks ensure and eventually she falls in love. Summary does not do the story justice. It's a soul healing story, and I can't help but feel better about life when reading it. There are several small spin-offs, but this is the best.

There's Something Rotten in Rivendell, by JennyJoy4. First in the series of adventures of Kayli, a modern day girl who is magically transported back and forth between Earth and Arda. She can't get home until she's saved a life. This is one of the more plotty stories in the series, which end up being a lot more about spirituality and character than about action as the series progresses. This story ends abruptly when she's sent home, but the series goes on for a good long while. Rather amusing bits where Legolas and the girl wage verbal warfare while the others in Rivendell spectate.
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Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Time:1:37 am.
Harry Potter: Addition Alley Christmas, by oliver.snape. Harry/Snape. An original take on What Harry Does After the War. Namely, he opens a wizarding sex shop, and just for the fun of it, competes with other stores to see who can make the most profit. Fun concept. Until a delightful old woman who's slightly dotty wanders into his shop. Harry ends up having tea regularly with her and being set up with her son. Who just happens to be Severus Snape. Very funny, especially as Snape has no idea that the man he's been set up with is the same person as the owner of the sex shop.

All The Dementors of Azkaban, by LifeWriter. Luna Lovegood is in Azkaban. Harry decides to protest this by going to stay with her. Things get weird. And funny. Harry manages to freak out the Dementors by hugging them and trying to give them candy. He smuggles candy and books into Azkaban, makes friends with the Death Eaters and hosts poker tournaments. From there, things just get stranger. Love it.

Can't Have It Both Ways, by robst. Harry/Hermione. Fourth year all over again, only this time, Harry's not a Hogwarts champion, he's Gringotts' champion, as the goblins have declared that, if he is a participant in a tournament that only of-age competitors can enter, then he must be of age. He secures Luna as his press representative. By the end, Dumbledore is thoroughly discredited, Voldemort is dealt with and the champions are all friends. The one where the Quibbler prints posters of Harry and of the champions and the proceeds are donated to the orphanage that Krum visits every year on Christmas eve.

Radix Acclaro, by Random Dispatcher. Harry/Lucius/Voldemort, Draco/Hermione/Snape. Harry and Hermione get lost while doing an errand in the Forbidden Forest. They happen upon a Death Eater meeting and are captured. In the confusion, Dumbledore arrives and casts a spell. The Death Eaters get away with their captives, but something very strange has happened. Two triads have formed and none of them wants to kill the others anymore. Nor can they be parted from each other for long. They set up a deception so that they can survive through their schooling and make it to summer. Unfortunately, while Harry is at the Dursleys, an accident occurs and the changes are revealed. Tom and Lucius are forced to move into Hogwarts to see Harry. Both triads become pregnant. Fudge tries to kill Harry and fails, whereupon Harry's dragon heritage is revealed through the black wing that manifests. The one where the spiders from Harry's cupboard have gained sentience and magic and protect him.

The Harry Potter Files: Innortal Style, by Innortal. Short bits and pieces, many funny. It doesn't get really good though until Harry starts looping -- mostly reliving his life over and over. Except sometimes he wakes up in other universes or people from other universes wake up in his. All sorts of variants on his life. And if you go to her author page, you get loop stories for other fandoms as well. Quite neat.

Unsealed, by esama. Locked in Azkaban for 50 years, the Nameless Assassin, murderer of Grindewald and Dumbledore, finally gets to tell his story. Harry Potter regrets nothing, but is cheered by the better future he's created. A short tale, but with considerable impact. And a happy ending.

When Living Ain't Easy, by Rowaine. Harry/Lucius/Snape, Draco/Hermione. WIP, unlikely to ever be finished. It's summertime and, well, see the title. The Dursleys are more than happy to drop their troublesome nephew off with a bunch of Death Eaters. Fortunately, for Harry, they're reformed Death Eaters and plan to train him. Draco's a nuisance who can't wake up until after breakfast and Lucius and Snape are involved in a pre-existing relationship. Hermione comes over to help and the respective Slytherins invite their Gryffindor into things. Animagus forms are revealed, Lucius schemes to teach DADA the next year and Harry is shown to have a lot more power than anyone believed. I liked it mostly for how Lucius and Severus welcomed Harry to be part of them.

Naruto: Kyuubi no Cabbit, by Jonakhensu. WIP, but unlikely ever to be finished. Kyuubi is not a fox, but rather a cabbit. Kurenai argues Naruto onto her team (which for some reason has Hinato, Naruto and Ino). He reveals the truth about the Kyuubi to them and is accepted. He finds out that the cabbit has given him a bloodline, and that he can give people the ability to telepathically communicate with himself, the cabbit and anyone else he gives the ability to. Anko joins in and everything is fun, up until the part where the story just stops. Hmph.

Teacup Tempest, by Wingwyrm. Kakashi/Naruto. Slightly squicky as we're dealing with a relationship between a grown man and a preteen, but given the circumstances in the story, it's all logical and the only objectionable act is necessary to the plot and takes place off-screen. Otherwise, an utterly brilliant fic. Naruto is a girl and always has been, but people seem to have forgotten that, so she's seen as a boy. When she's 10, she's raped. She gets pregnant and, henging her age up a few years, puts her son into shinobi childcare while she attends the Academy. To keep pretenses, she refers to the Academy as a mission. Her son attracts Kakashi's attention, Kakashi being one of the shinobi who donates his time to protecting the childcare. He meets the child's mom and gradually falls in love with Naruto's henge. Without lying other than calling the Academy a mission, Naruto's henge acquires a cover story, based on how she acts and how various shinobi perceive her. Eventually, Naruto becomes Kakashi's genin, and is convinced that Kakashi hates the real her. Kakashi's about to propose to the henge when the Wave mission comes up. Childcare can't take her son for that long, so she takes him to the Hokage -- who agrees to childsit, but demands that she tell the truth to Kakashi. Naruto really doesn't want to, but she does anyway. Kakashi doesn't take the news well. Over the course of the mission, Kakashi comes to terms with it and decides that he can still have the same relationship with Naruto, although adjusted for her actual age.

Star Trek: 2009: Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit, by Suppi-chan. It's Academy time and Kirk is hiding his intelligence by signing up for the beginner's course in Vulcan. Unfortunately for him, the teacher knows very well that Vulcan might as well be Kirk's first language and has him doing assignments at his proper level. Their relationship, the reasons behind Kirk's knowledge of Vulcan and their history are discussed over the course of the story. Then the teacher dies and, at the reading of his will, Kirk is revealed as the master linguist he is. Chagrin. It's not that long, but it manages to be deep, touching and funny all at once. A gem of a story.
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Friday, December 17th, 2010

Time:6:42 am.
Crossover: A Ghostly Companion, by sarhea. Inuyasha/Naruto. Itachi/Kagome. Due to the Shikon no Tama, Kagome is stuck living as a spirit and has survived into Naruto's time. She is drawn to the Kyuubi and makes a promise to Minato that she'll watch over Naruto. Naruto can see her, but she can't touch him, so she looks for someone else who can see her and finds Uchiha Itachi. This changes everything. Kagome talks Itachi out of the massacre and gives him another way out -- to start his own clan. He does, and it grows slowly to include Haku and Gaara as well. They're as happy as they can be, given that Kagome doesn't have a body. Then the Chunin exams happen. Itachi is nearly killed, which somehow brings Kagome back to life. Kagome realizes that Orochimaru is a hanyou and purifies him, then saves Itachi's life. They get married and have kids. The end. One of the things I like about this fic is how it is that only some people can see Kagome. Sasuke starts out by not being able to see her, then learns to be open about his perceptions and accomplishes it.

Harry Potter: Dreaming of You, by mariteri. Lucius/Hermione. Hermione dreams of Lucius. When she wakes, she discovers she'd been given a potion by Molly Weasley that made her dream of her true love. However, Molly did it without Hermione's permission -- and inadvertantly caused a side effect wherein Hermione will go mad unless she mates with Lucius. She gets drunk. However, in her drunkenness, it strikes her as a good idea to floo over to Malfoy Manor. Where Lucius is far more receptive to her advances than she'd imagined. They have the hawtsex. However, in the morning, Lucius rejects her. They part, but both suffer. Severus reveals that Lucius was given the same potion she was, but deliberately set up to have the side effect that he would become obsessed, even insane, over his perfect mate. Who, natch, is her. So they get together after all. Cute. And hawtsex.

Prisoners of Love, by LaBibliographe. Hermione/Lucius. Set after the war. Sent to Azkaban for crimes she did not commit, Hermione is put in a cell with Lucius Malfoy. Lucius maintains a rather astounding degree of self-discipline in prison, exercising, practising magic, etc. They grow closer. Lucius offers to marry Hermione so he has the right to protect her from the guards. Sometime thereafter, Hermione is freed and made much of in the papers, paining Lucius who has to suffer both through prison and the idea that his wife is living the high life. When he's finally released, Hermione goes to him, and he rejects her cruelly. She flees to the Muggle world and sets up a new identity and follows a completely new path in life -- restoring an old home while delving into the mystery of its past as an orphanage for squibs. Lucius first wants a divorce then changes his mind; Hermione's pregnant. He has to get her to allow him back into her life while at the same time the people who put both of them in prison are still out to get them. Quite the adventure. I rather liked the romance in prison part myself.

Truth or Dare?, by TheFatalIllusion. Harry/Lord Voldemort. The first bit is rather annoying; a not particularly well-written scenario where the Golden Trio plus Ginny goes to beard Voldemort in his lair. (The story is however labeled as parody, so it may just be humor I'm not getting rather than lame writing.) As Voldemort and Harry are about to start their duel, there's an earthquake. Voldemort casts a protection spell; however, while it saves them from the earthquake, it both traps them within its radius and prohibits both violence and deliberate magic within its radius. The foursome, along with Voldemort, Snape, Draco and Lucius are stuck until someone can cast the counter from the outside. For lack of anything better to do, they play Truth or Dare? Harry sucks up to Voldemort to annoy everyone. Then ridiculous things happen until Harry and Voldemort end up on the same side and decide to do away with Dumbledore. The story draws you in with one almost plausible event after another until you're somewhere so bizarre you can hardly believe it.

Inuyasha: Frivolous Sentimentalities, by Tally Mark. Kagome/Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru keeps bring Kagome dead things. Kagome keeps thanking him. Sesshoumaru brings her bigger dead things. Kagome continues to thank him. Sesshoumaru gets more annoyed. Kagome doesn't get it. They discuss courtship. Kagome goes back to her time, where her cat brings her a dead mouse. Kagome still doesn't get it. Her mom explains it to her. Kagome returns to the Feudal era to find the well surrounded by flowers. Kagome finally gets it. Cute and funny.

Impeccable, by forthright. Kagome/Sesshoumaru. Kagome inherits an estate, complete with servants, including a rather hunky if standoffish butler. Sesshoumaru is bound to her, to do anything she asks, but she doesn't know it. She remains clueless until she has to spend the winter with her previously unknown relatives, all of whom are sucking up to her -- because they want Sesshoumaru. Kagome starts looking for a way to set him free and does. Sesshoumaru sticks around and eventually mates her. Super sweet story, very romantic. Told in tiny, drabble-esque chapters, like glittering gems all strung together on a string.

Property, by Ethidda. Kagome/Sesshoumaru. Kagome's sister, Kikyou, gives her a blood-bound slave. Kagome doesn't really want a slave, but doesn't want to set the demon free if he isn't ready to cope with freedom, as the severing of a blood-bond can be devastating to the slave. At the same time, her family is having problems with a demon clan who believes that they have their son prisoner. Kagome intends to rehabilitate the demon, however, Sesshoumaru goes into heat. Kagome allows him to slake it with her, which causes all sorts of problems. Her family disowns her for having had sex, and the blood-bond has changed so that the slave is now the one in control. When Sesshoumaru is returned to his father, his father demands that Kagome release the bond. Sesshoumaru asks her not to, but she does anyway. Sob! The angst! Of course they eventually get back together.

Unsung Silence, by Draconic Ban-Sidhe. Kagome/Sesshoumaru. Imprisoned as a statue for centuries, Kagome is the one to free Sesshoumaru. However, once free, there's little for either of them in the current era. Sesshoumaru is badly out-of-place, with a driving need to get revenge on the one who imprisoned him, but the well is sealed due to Kagome's grief over Inuyasha's death after the Shikon no Tama quest finally finished. Of course, they eventually do break the barrier and get back to the past, but that's only the beginning of their adventures as they find that Sesshoumaru's kingdom has been usurped and his enemy rules. Lots of fighting, traveling and even a nicely silly bit where Kagome pretends to be a bimbo in order to evade spies. They, of course, fall in love and win and all that good stuff.

Naruto: Lost and Fumbling, by Abunai Himitsu. Kakashi/Naruto. Naruto is brutally tortured over the course of five years. When Konoha retrieves him, he's little more than a shell. Kakashi, now Hokage, would do anything to help him heal, but it seems impossible. Then, whoops, it's all a dream Kakashi's been having while he's in the hospital. The first thing he does though is confess his lub to Naruto. Deep deep angst, up until the whoops.

What If?, by Rorschach's Blot. The fic as a whole is a bunch of random story ideas by this author, who is utterly amazing in many ways. The link is to a specific story amid those, one where Anko and Kakashi get their wires a bit crossed and Anko thinks she's been made the jounin for Team 7 and Kakashi thinks he's been assigned to teach an academy class about summons. And all the subsequent hijinks thereof. More than a bit brilliant. I particularly liked the bit where Anko goes all glowy because she thinks this means she's finally really trusted and accepted.
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Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Time:7:23 pm.
Crossover: Harry Potter crack ficlets, aka the author didn't bother to put a title, by Asuka Kureru. A series of ficlets about a year spent at Hogwarts by Team 7. As titled, the ficlets are crack. Little pieces about Naruto using the Sexy no Jutsu to mess with Malfoy, Kakashi's conflation of interhouse cooperation with teams, etc. Too bad there's not more of them. One of the few ninja-at-Hogwarts fics I can stand. I don't mind magic-in-Konoha fics, but something about ninja-in-Hogwarts just rubs me the wrong way.

Running Home, by kirallie. WIP. When Death Eaters attack Privet Drive, Harry flees the country, fearing that he'll be blamed. He ends up in a cell in Sound with Kakashi. They escape and make their way to Konoha, where Harry seeks out Iruka, who is a long lost relative. On the way there, they're attacked by a snake, who ends up as Harry's. Harry's adjusting and not planning on ever going back to England. Then Kakashi gets sent on a mission against wizards and Harry must go back to rescue him. They recover Kakashi and return to Konoha, but the problems aren't over yet, as Voldemort wipes out Hogwarts. Harry wipes out Voldemort, Naruto returns, Harry's unofficially assigned to a team and yes, it's a WIP, but anyone else would have put a 'The End' sticker on it already and called it good. I like the Kakashi/Iruka interaction in this one. In fact, I mostly like this story for the Kakashi bits.

Harry Potter: A White Coat for My Blond, by Scyllablue. Harry/Lucius. After the war, the remaining Death Eaters are arrested, including Lucius Malfoy. He expects to receive the kiss, but is instead handed over to Harry Potter. Harry knows that Lucius is a veela, that Voldemort used this fact to enslave him, and has married Lucius to get him free of Azkaban. Harry is also a Veela and woos Lucius while showing him how to be a Veela. The one where Lucius ends up doing Harry's correspondence 'cause Harry really sucks at it. Sexiness abounds, although the issue of Lucius being evil is hand-waved over by saying everything he did was 'cause Voldemort had his Veela coat. The story doesn't have a good explanation for how Lucius was seemingly so strong-willed and in control of himself while being a whipping boy; however, it's still a pretty story. (Ooh, shiny!)

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, by Less Wrong. WIP, but too good to care about that technicality. Well, if you like crack, that is. What if Petunia hadn't settled for Vernon Dursley and ended up with a professor of biochemistry instead? What changes would there be in Harry? Well, basically he's a nutcase. Some similiarites personality-wise with Tipsy Time Travel Tale, linked below. I'm rather fond of the scene where he shops for school supplies with McGonagall and drives her crazy using logic as his weapon. And subverts Draco by pretending to respect him, thus causing Draco to do the same thing back to Harry as Lucius walks in. Lucius is, naturally, horrified. As Harry puts it, "He was in a situational context where those actions made internal sense -". Has other tremendously fun gems like, "If I lied the first time, I'm not going to tell you the truth just because you ask twice." Then things get serious and Quirrell (the first useful cunning Quirrell I've ever seen) teaches Harry the important art of losing. Quite the epic tale.

Let The Guilty Pay, by Janara. Harry's fed up with being Harry and engineers a potion mishap that turns him into a girl. With the change of gender, he lets go of the Harry Potter persona and embraces who he really is, to the happiness of nobody. For McGonagall, it's the last straw and she browbeats Harry, who resorts himself into Slytherin. Unfortunately, Ron now hates him and severs all relations between the Potters and the Weasley. And also Umbridge is still on the prowl, assigning detentions with blood quills. Harry calls down magic to take revenge on her -- and inadvertantly gets a whole lot more as he's been a lot more wrong done by than he knew. He's actually Draco's twin brother (both bonded to a pair of elemental cats) and Snape's destined mate. The story ends with magic's revenge -- no actual romance in this one.

Matrimony, by Ladyofthemasque. Hermione/Snape. School's nearly out and Hermione's an orphan. Her evil aunt is spending her inheritance and her only recourse is to get married immediately. Unfortunately, the Wizarding world requires that a marriage be shown to be compatible in order to be valid, so she can't use either Ron or Harry. Her matchmaking service finds someone who's 98% compatible and ready to marry immediately. Hermione jumps at it -- even when it turns out to be Snape. Some moments of extreme hilarity, a sexy wedding... er, evening, and a smart fic all around.

Potion Commotion, by mahaliem. Harry/Snape, Lucius/Neville. Post Hogwarts fic. Snape makes a potion to cause fear of himself in Harry. Albus tampers. Snape gives Harry the potion at the Fourth Annual We Killed Voldemort party. Unfortunately for him, Harry is fleeing Lucius at the time and so decides to pretend that he's madly in love with Snape. Snape decides that he must have messed up the potion and starts treating Harry with antidotes. Meanwhile, Lucius is stalking Harry at the latter's clothing shop and Harry, having discovered that Snape treated him with a potion, is pursuing Snape. To get of Lucius, Harry fobs him off on Neville. Neville gets the measure of Lucius and Harry gets Snape. A very merry romp. With sex.

The Abundance of Her Charms, by Odogoddess. Snape/Luna. After his death, Hogwarts doesn't want Snape's portrait on the wall, even though he's a past Headmaster. Luna finds a way around that by locating a wall that's been spell damaged and which Hogwarts cannot affect. However, while he is now hung in Hogwarts, as the castle can't affect him, he also can't affect the castle -- no going wandering into other paintings and the like. Snape is not particularly happy about things. Harry commissioned a lavish painting for him with everything he could possibly want, but the part of Snape that lives on in the portrait would just as soon not be living at all. However, that isn't a choice. Luna continues to wander in and out of his life, talking to him, and eventually finding a way for them to exchange letters. They do so for years, long after Luna's graduated and gone off adventuring around the world looking for fantastic beasts and so on. Their relationship flourishes. Luna comes back to Hogwarts; they have the portrait equivalent of phone sex. Then one day Luna doesn't return to her quarters. With Luna dead, Snape retreats into a kind of catatonia -- until there's a knock on his door. Luna's had her own portrait done and they're together forever and ever. Or until the charms fade. Long summary. I like best their developing relationship and Snape's mood -- how his portrait self can't be happy even with all the supplies he'll ever need and all the solitude he's ever wished for.

The Heir of Magic, by DisobedienceWriter. The story starts with Draco, but basically it's about Harry and how he's becoming something more than himself. Harry's in touch with magic more than other people. He asks it to do things and it does things that other people think impossible. Harry knows he's losing his sanity as he becomes, and is working on solving two problems: saving the world from Voldemort, then saving the world from Harry Potter. It gets a bit weird toward the end, where Harry destroys the British government and forces them to start over from scratch, but otherwise an interesting take on the relation between sanity and power.

Tipsy Time Travel Tale, by Yunaine. Unfinished WIP, but what's there is so hysterical and original that it's more than worth reccing. Harry gets dragged back in time because an anonymous being of power found his life to be excessively boring and wants him to do it over again -- but fun this time, so that the being can get some entertainment value out of it. Harry is not pleased with this and decides to take his pique out on the world. Starting with, natch, the Dursleys. Fun with wandless magic! It goes on from there and it's not nearly long enough, but I love a good laugh.

Uncomfortably familiar, by BrennKinn. WIP. Albus gives Harry a book on how to become an Animagus, hoping the transformation will help heal Harry of the events of his fifth year. Unfortunately, Harry transforms into a black phoenix. In this story, the shape is linked to a certain mindset and the phoenix transformation is linked to abuse. Harry's particular version of it speaks of long term abuse and no one that become a black phoenix has ever transformed back. Seems like Dumbledore's screwed. So he sends Harry with Snape, not realizing that Draco will come across the text and make the conclusion that he wants to be a phoenix and prefers that to being human. Unfinished, but this is my absolute favorite Harry-is-a-phoenix-animagus fic and I reread it ever so often.

Unwanted, by Sly Stir. Snape/Harry. Harry lives two lives -- one as The Boy Who Lived and one as the Dursley's obedient slave cum whipping boy. Until people finally twig to the fact that he's being mistreated. Snape goes to fetch him and they discover that Harry's a Shefro, an empathic hemaphrodite with wings. The Dursleys have simply been cutting the wings off every time they grow. (There's also a moving scene where Harry goes out in the rain and cold to have them at the Weasleys, directing Ron via note to put him in the garage until he's recovered.) The empathy makes Harry a victim of other's emotions, which is why he's been the perfect slaveboy. Harry and Snape then fall in love, which is where I check out of this fic. Harry is simply written too vulnerable, too young, for me to buy (or even want) the romance. Unfortunately, the scenes with the wings stick in my head and make this story quite unforgettable.

What Men Call Love, by lordhellebore. Snape/Luna. While Snape lived through Nagini's attack, he's still suffering from it nine years after the war's ended. He's gone through any number of attempted cures, some more absurd than others, when he's persuaded to give Luna a try. Luna does heal him, using crystal magic, and basic human empathy. They quietly fall in love and court. It's hesitant and cautious -- and infinitely sweet -- and then Luna decides to give things a push. Absurdly lovely hurt/comfort.
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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Time:10:54 pm.
Naruto: Kindred Souls, by The Mother Rose. Naruto's not the same after the failed retrieval of Sasuke. He is surrounded by emptiness. He lives alone in his building, without furniture or food and does nothing but S-class missions, assigned by the council. He brings back Sasuke, then brings back Itachi for Sasuke to kill or spare as he pleases. He has gained a reputation as the Gentleman Killer, because he gives his victims a chance to kill him first and spares the innocent when they aren't his direct target. And his friends want him back, but they're unable to reach him. Naruto's totally closed off. The Yondaime called the Kyuubi on purpose to make himself a hero, except he planned to live. Jiraiya deliberately dehumanizes Naruto and believes he is a demon. Itachi's able to get into his head, but the only one there is Kyuubi. Kakashi takes him away to heal, but when Naruto finally does start responding, he's forgotten everything. He recovers somewhat over the course of five years, but never takes a mission again. Eventually everyone dies. A masterpiece of angst.

Konoha: Naruto's Playground, by MegaB. At the age of four, Naruto decides he has no desire to die for people who hate him and thus does not want to be a ninja. Of course, that doesn't stop him from wanting to learn super-cool techniques. The Third (eventually) gives in and gives Naruto some low level techniques that Naruto uses to have fun. After the Hokage uses his newly acquired abilities to catch a traitor, Naruto is even more determined to escape the ninja fate. He invents an air surfboard and goes on a world tour, pranking Iwa and Kumo, teaching Gaara how to prank and humiliating Orochimaru. Goes on from there, but it gets less and less light-hearted as it goes and the ending is almost tragic. One of the more imaginative Naruto fics out there. There's a sequel being written, Konoha: At His Fingertips, but it's very much a work in progress.

Naruto's Compensation, by DisobedienceWriter. At the age of five, Naruto's leg is so badly damaged in an accident that he's told he can never be a ninja. Does Naruto give up? Hell, no! Instead he becomes one of the greatest ninja of all time; just not in Konoha. He becomes a puppeter, joining another hidden village and taking a genin team. When he's exiled for being too strong, they go with him. He takes out Orochimaru and the Akatsuki and founds his own village. When Konoha's all but dead, the Third brings his grandson to join Naruto's village, because there's no future anymore in Konoha. It's an ironic ending, to be sure. The one where Naruto makes puppet-summons. The tone is darkly bitter and bad things happen to good people.

Oops, it was the wrong guy!, by Virtual-Vertigo. Naruto/Itachi. Normal life AU. Sasuke has the hots for Naruto, who won't give in. So Sasuke arranges to have Naruto stranded on a desert island, where he intends to join him. Except his pilot strands his brother with Naruto instead. At first, Itachi is irritated by Naruto, but gradually grows fond of him. They have sex, they fall in love, the end. I have a thing for Harlequin-type setups and this is definitely one.

Stupid Mistake, by o0_Constance_0o. Gai/Kakashi. WIP. Mistaken identity plus drunkenness causes Gai to make-out with Kakashi. Kakashi freaks out, because it's good and because of gay panic. Then they're sent on a mission together, where they both end up hot for each other and Kakashi runs into a former anonymous fuck. Absolutely nothing is resolved during the course of the story, which goes from light-hearted to fairly dark. However, I must say that the story very definitely makes Gai seem sexy.

Triad, by Heliotropic. Not a threesome, despite the title. Unfinished, but it leaves off at a decent point. What if Naruto had taken Kakashi's spiel about teamwork more to heart? What then would he have done when Sasuke left to join Orochimaru? Why convince Sakura to go with him to join Sasuke, of course. Naruto is somehow a master of stealth in addition to his usual Naruto-ism and between the two, takes Oto by storm. When Orochimaru gets himself killed, who should become the Otokage? Why, none other than Naruto, of course! A few serious moments, but it's all about the laffs. And the irony. The sweet, sweet irony.

Underneath the Surface, by General16. Kakashi/Naruto. Naruto's grown up now, but things have only changed for the worse. He's still a genin as he's forbidden to take the chunin exams, he no longer has a team and he's forbidden to learn new techniques or take a mission higher ranked than a C. Then the villagers burn his house down. Alone in the rain, he meets Kakashi, who offers his apartment for the night. When Kakashi remembers he's got a mission, he lets Naruto stay while he's gone. When he comes back, he's all zoned out ANBU and Naruto takes care of him. Aww. Is cute. And then the sex. Pretty much straight hurt/comfort in a short one-shot.
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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Time:6:14 am.
Naruto: How to File Form 39-B, by The Hoyden. Kakashi/Iruka. Laid up in the hospital after Mizuki's attack and drugged out of his mind, Iruka meets Kakashi for the first time. A lovely sweet moment that sets the tone for the story. It progresses through frequent dinners at Iruka's house to kissing to love and sex and the filing out of offical forms on the matter. A very ninja romance; all the practicality and no flowers. Also, Naruto lives with Iruka and cooks these dinners.

La Luna de Miel, by thehoyden. Kakashi/Iruka. Kakashi and Iruka are together and Kakashi has to go on a mission. After a passionate goodbye, Iruka finds himself being stalked by various jounin. When Kakashi comes back, they have sex and Kakashi reveals that, yes, he had Iruka stalked. Short, but I like the sex and it's all in good fun.

My Life as Haruno Sakura, by TFK-fan118 and its sorta sequel, Team 7: Revolution!, by Everyone Like Me. The first one is the most fun, but as it's sad to have to stop reading something that's this much fun, the second story is a natural complement to it, even if it skews some things around. Basically, a girl with some knowledge of the Naruto world wakes up as Sakura and proceeds to confuse everyone. The girl, Mayu, is a fun character in and of herself. Plot follows the One True Plot from the team selection through the Chunin exams. Then, muhahaha, the real Sakura (in Mayu's body) comes back to find that her body has been transformed into this dark-haired overly muscled ungirly girl and has a cow. Is very crackish and much fun, even when some things go over the top as far as believability.

Picturesque, by Jacal Ste. Worme. Kakaski/Hinata. Naruto's been gone for years and Kakashi's been stalk-dating Hinata, when he finally kisses her. What exactly their relationship is then, Hinata isn't sure. Which, of course, is when Naruto comes back. Hinata knows she's over him, but she's the only one. Kakashi's possessive of her and wants to marry her, but Naruto refuses to take no for an answer. Turns out Naruto isn't the only one experiencing sour grapes. The one where Kakashi is always breaking into Hinata's room and sleeping with her. Also the one with the sappiest ever reason why Kakashi noticed her. The grammar and word choices are odd in places, but I really like the stalk-dating. It suits Kakashi somehow.

Prankster, by demonrubberducky. Kakashi/Iruka. The Great Prank War starts with a t-shirt reading 'Eat. Sleep. Porn.' anonymously delivered to Kakashi in the mission room. The pranks spread from there to the Academy, raising morale among the children. It grows from there. Kakashi is intrigued and investigates. Then comes upon the Prankster (Iruka, of course) at night and gives him a handjob before they're interrupted. After more pranks, Kakashi eventually catches him and Iruka is revealed. They have sex. One of the elders is calling for the prankster's head, and Iruka ends up on trial in front of the entire village, accused of selling information to Sound. However, the accuser is the actual criminal and tries to kill Iruka and the Hokage instead. Iruka lives and they have more sex the end. The sex is kinda hot and the pranks are loverly.

Shadows on the Moon, by Aleia15. Kakashi/Iruka. Iruka accidentally comes upon an ANBU destressing from a tough mission. He manages not to get killed, if only barely, and instead of escaping, offers sex. This leads to the ANBU coming back repeatedly, with Iruka none the wiser as to his identity. After some time, Iruka decides he can't keep doing the anonymous stress relief thing and calls it off -- unless the ANBU is willing to unmask. Kakashi does. More about comfort than sex, although there's sex too.

Whiskers Round the Moon, by Kita the Spaz. Injured on a mission, Iruka gets taken in by a pack of wolves. A one-eyed male is particularly close to him, and lo and behold, this wolf can turn into a very familiar nin, namely Kakashi. Iruka brings him back to Konoha along with the wolfpack, where they discover that the wolves can transform into dogs. And that's it. Sounds like not much of a story in summary and yes, it isn't very long, but somehow, it's tremendously touching and full of emotion, even if I can quite describe how so.

Will of Fire, by Mystic Dragon. Things go differently with the Kyuubi and Naruto is two years old at the time of the sealing. Unlike before, this time Minato had left instructions, and Kakashi's supposed to get Naruto. The Third assigns Iruka to help, then later adds Anko and Itachi. They become family. Then the Chunin exams happen. It's Team 7 all over again, complete with Orochimaru. The plot similarities are almost enough to kill this fic, but it's interesting enough considering that nearly everyone in the Naruto-verse follows the One True Plot. That the author changed the whole universe and did the OTP with completely different characters though... geez.
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Monday, September 13th, 2010

Time:6:00 am.
Buffy: Sacred Geometry, by sajinn. Cordelia gets sent a false vision that leads Xander, Spike and Wesley into a separate dimension to get what they believe to be a weapon against evil. Unfortunately, they didn't check the disclaimer and it turns out that they end up *becoming* the weapon. As everyone else appears to hate them, no one is satisfied with this solution. The trio don't particularly want to stay close to those who hate them and those who hate them don't understand that the weapon isn't something that can be removed and given away. Also, they're telepathic now with each other and unable to get very far way before collapsing. Can you say romance? Well, sex anyway. One of my favorite threesomes.

Crossover: A Ghostly Companion, by sarhea. Inuyasha/Naruto. Itachi/Kagome. Bound to the living plane as a spirit, Kagome happens upon the sealing of Kyuubi. Minato asks her to look after Naruto. In the beginning, only Naruto can see her. As Naruto grows, he needs contact with someone other than her. The only ninja Kagome can find who can see her is Itachi, so she asks him for help. With Kagome's influence, Itachi splits from the Uchiha clan instead of massacring them, and the two raise Sasuke and Naruto together. And then more kids. It's mushy and cute.

Delusional, by Raven'd Fleet. Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings. Dying in the Chamber of Secrets, Harry finds himself swept away to Middle Earth. He gets tangled in with the Fellowship, only to fall to the Balrog in Moria. He wakes back in the Chamber of Secrets, unsure if his adventure was real or a hallucination. A bit disappointing in that he makes the most of himself in Middle Earth and then it's all a delusional dream, but quite satisfying in the story of how he sorts himself out there.

The Promise of a New Dawn, by Whispering Darkness. Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings. WIP. After the war with Voldemort, Harry feels like his life is over. Sensing this, the Valar abduct him and put him into Arda as an elfling. So far, the story covers the story of Harry's arrival, his journey to Rivendell, and his introduction to those there. As it's been updated recently, I have hopes it will eventually be completed. I liked this story in particular because of its comparison of Parseltongue to Harry's newfound ability to understand Sindarin. Many crossovers don't take language difficulties into account, but this one does it simply and with a nicely in character explanation.

Harry Potter: Learning to Breathe, by onoM. The Nundu story; aka the story where Harry Potter alone manages to take down a Nundu although normally it'd take hundreds of wizards. Set after Voldemort's defeat, this Harry was raised entirely as a weapon. After the war's done, he's sent to Hogwarts. Harry thinks it's a mission, but really, it's the irresponsibility of his commanders in not having a plan for dealing with a boy who has had his humanity turned off after they no longer have use for him. Technically, this story's a Harry/Ginny, but as Harry isn't actually aware of women in any way, shape or form, it's hard to label it that. Anyway, it goes on and on. I mostly noted it for the Nundu thing.

Rite of Passage, by Rushlight. Harry/Snape. Yes, yes, I know everyone and their sister has recommended this. There's a good reason for that after all. It rocks. In the Wizarding world, it's customary to arrange for someone to take your virginity and guide you into the wonders of all things sexual. Naturally, in this scenario, Harry Potter is a great catch. (Not that it's *required* that he do so, but it's clear that no one's going to leave him alone until he does.) Feeling like hunted prey, Harry has little recourse. Until Hermione finds an old tradition wherein the teachers of Hogwarts can be asked to perform the duty. So Harry asks Snape to do it. And Snape does. Therein follows one of my kinks -- first time sex. And Harry staying and Snape not being willing to let him go.

The If Sieve, by cest_what. Draco/Harry. Draco finds a magical device that allows him to see what might have happened if he had done things differently. Particularly in regard to Harry. However, every variation he tries ends up with things as bad as or worse than they are already. What he learns through this, about Harry, about himself and about other things, turns out to be very valuable indeed. One of my least favorite pairings, but the story is done very well, especially in how Draco starts out by trying to change circumstances to get what he wants (i.e., Harry), and ends up changing what he actually needs to, namely himself.

To Heal a Soul, by shanfawn16. Harry/Snape. After the defeat of Voldemort, Harry is dying. McGonagall asks Snape to aid Harry in any way he can and Snape does, first through potions and then later by discovering a cure, albeit a rather dark one. A slow, but entirely believable romance. I think I like best how Harry is accustomed to dying and his attitude as a result. It makes this fic suit my more bitter moments and thus allows me to take part in the comfort of the ending.

Smallville: Thirty Minutes or Less, by Christina K (butterflykiki). Set in the future wherein Clark is Superman and Lex is his nemesis, Lex calls Clark at work to tell him that he has a Death Ray pointed at downtown and that he wants a pizza. Why, yes, Lex *is* drunk. Lots of comic banter. Unfortunately, Clark appears to be straight here, else this would have been an excellent lead-in to hot sex. Or something anyway.

Transformers: In the Line of Duty, by CasusFere. In the wake of Mission City, Barricade doesn't have much to do. And the LAPD end up spotting a phantom police car. Barricade saves a guy's life, does some police work, pisses some people off -- all in all, he's a good cop. And when the Autobots come to take him out, the LAPD gets in their way. Thoughtful piece; Barricade's behavior is well-written and quite believable.

Protectors of the Young, by LittleMewLugia. Wherein the Decepticons outwit themselves as their Seekers are shown to have a hard-wired instinct to protect and care for sparklings. Which, coincidentally, the Autobots happen to have. Adorable, and funny, too.
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Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Subject:Even more Harry/Lucius
Time:12:03 pm.
Harry Potter: 24 Hours, by lantana. Harry/Lucius. Terrible formatting here makes this difficult to read. One of the few top!Harry/sub!Lucius stories and disturbing besides. Harry wakes up with a bound, naked blonde in his bed. The blonde is desperately eager to do anything Harry wants, and Harry has no idea what's going on. The story's about the process of Harry finding out.

Dream Lover, by knightmare. Harry/Lucius. Lucius is fleeing Voldemort. Harry buys a large cat and has strange dreams about a phantom lover thereafter. Could these two be related? No way. Cute and sweet. Although I think I like Lucius more as the big cat.

Furry Magic, by Neichan. Harry/Lucius, et al. Still the HP world here, but quite twisted. Lucius is a were-leopard and head of his own pack. When Harry's inadvertantly turned into one, Lucius takes him into his pack and eventually into his heart. Lots of sex. The story's mostly about how Harry's human morals are hurting the pack dynamic, but Dumbledore manages to edge in there with his concerns about how a sex-crazed Lucius-obsessed Harry is going to manage to kill off Voldemort. A bit too much nakedness and sex at times, but definitely interesting.

Speechless and its sequel, Not So Speechless After All, by La Morraine. Harry/Lucius. Harry's dataing Draco, who wants to marry him. Harry's going to do it, because Draco said he loved him. Lucius tries to get Harry to call off the wedding, going so far as to threaten to invoke droit du seigneur rights if he does marry him. Harry isn't one to back down from what he wants. That is, up until he's at the altar and faced with the finality of his decision. He calls off the wedding. The sequel's about the aftermath of that -- the press having a field day, Draco's affair with Blaise, etc. And Harry falling in love with Lucius. Aww.

The Phoenix and the Serpent, by Leni Jess. Harry/Lucius. Draco sabotages Harry's potion, resulting in Harry turning into a phoenix hybrid and Draco's incarceration in Azkaban. Lucius comes to Harry with two motives: to plead for Harry's support in getting the charges against Draco dropped, and to fulfill Voldemort's bidding. To do this, he naturally seduces Harry. Lots of sex, plus beating Voldemort. Love the cracky premise.

The White Winged Angel, by Duochanfan. Harry/Lucius. Voldemort's dead and Harry needs to get away. Narcissa Malfoy offers to send him somewhere he can do just that. Except she sends him to the past. And it may be a one way trip. Interesting tale here, especially the twist at the end when you realize that Harry IS Narcissa Malfoy.
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